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International Dream Merchants (IDM) produces  digital commercial movies on different themes including Social , Action, Comedy and the like for home DVD, NRI markets and TV broadcasting.

Currently, IDM is producing a Tamil / English suspense movie named  "PAARVAIGAL PALAVITHAM".

Technical Crew:

Story, Screen Play, Dialogue  -  Mr.O.Arivazhagan BE. (Hons), PMP, CFM (HFI-USA)

Cinematography - Elliyaraja.

Music Director  -  Murugan.

Director - I. Maran.

Director  - Mr.O.Arivazhagan BE. (Hons), PMP, CFM (HFI-USA)

Produced By -
International Dream Merchants (IDM)

One Line:  Hero sees things normally until the day he sees his fiancé, then things become topsy-turvy.

Genre - Suspense / Drama

Process- 50% Process Completed.

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