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A Love Story is presented in Mythological form in JITHAN of SUPER GOOD FILMS and RADAAN MEDIA WORKS.

Soorya ( RAMESH), a innocent dejected boy, is in love with Priya (POOJA), a neighborhood girl, who is in love with Ajay( RAKESH). Soorya attains super power (invisible to others) and tries to prove his supremacy and due course becomes a wanted criminal. He falls to the Police trap where he expresses the one-sided deep love to Priya followed by a dramatic twist.


RAMESH (Soorya) has Played a convincing role in his debut film. Exclusively in Innocence Scenes, but lacks in differentiating the character from innocence to mysterious.

POOJA: Has done her role as a Charming Lover and excels in climax, which was the only scene she had scope for acting and she reminds the days of youthful SIMRAN. She looks pleasant in dance sequences, especially the first song.

SARATH KUMAR: Encounter - Specialist chaser role of a police officer. His visits act as stimuli to the tempo of the film. He keeps the story crisp in the second half.

LIVINGSTON, NALINI, SV.SEKAR, KALABAWAN MANI have done justification to the roles assigned.


Director VINCENT SELVA has to be praised for his selection of sequence of scenes, particularly the scenes in which hero expresses his love and proves his innocence. The interesting screenplay makes the story worth watching, which otherwise would be boring.


Remix Song 'kunguma poove' was the most attractive of all songs. All other songs also good to hear and watch.


RAMESH was K V ANAND'S Assistant who has done his Telugu films and has made debut in Tamil film, through JITHAN and concentrated in camera angles which are very expressive. In general, cinematography plays a pleasant role in song sequences.


  1. Graphical representation of the hero in climax.

  2. Convincing the heroine in climax and justifying the hero's character.

  3. Sequences established Hero's innocence.

  4. After endowed with mysterious power, the way he tests in front of the mirror by wearing different costumes to ensure his newly -acquired power.

  5. The Theatre sequence in which the hero creates a rift between Pooja and Rakesh (the second hero) by disturbing front bench viewer's wife.

  6. 'DUBUKKU' Comedy scene in restaurant and extended further to a Psychiatrist reveals that talent of Ramesh to handle comedy scenes naturally.


  • " Idhu pesi theekra prachana illa ; theethuttu pesara prachana "
    ( " It is not a Problem which has to be settled through dialogue; first settlement and then dialogue ")

  • " Itha seialana nama khakhi satta potta watchman , police illa "
    ( " We are supposed to be Police Officers, not watchmen donning Khaki Shirts" )


"To find yourself;
First lose yourself".


Mythological Story with love and thrill. Worth watching.                                
Score: 60/100


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