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   Subramaniapuram, by debutant SASI KUMAR has certainly proved his mettle following the similar path of his superiors, Bala & Ameer, of choosing a very different plot for his first film and delivering a slick product.

   He has painted the lives of innocent youths who are drawn into murdering unaware of the consequences, portraying Madurai from a very different perspective giving it the right tone. The story revolves around 5 friends, who run errands for their neighbour, a former councilor. The movie comes across friendship, love, betrayal and revenge.


JAI (Azhagar) 

Aptly casted, I must say. His appearance, the Madurai slang, the body language, and the outfits, all add up to the feel of the movie. After Chennai 28, this must be one great exposure for him and is definitely a benchmark for his entry into serious acting.


SASI KUMAR (Parama) 

The director has smartly cast himself in this role. He must've known exactly what this character demanded, no wonder he fit in the character like a fiddle. The two of them and their gang mates surely made one hell of a street fighting bully team for sure.  



Another debutant in Tamil Films. She has surely done justice for her character. Her appearance fits in perfectly for a Madurai teenage girl, even though she is from Tollywood. Her main highlights are obviously her expressions (her expressive eyes). Once again, perfectly casted.



The director has given a wonderful role for him. He doesn’t have to do much to fit in, as he naturally fits like a piece of cake in the role and in the film. He, along with his mates are the comic relief of the film.  




A director, now taking his plunge into acting. He surely has come out in flying colours and has performed his role with great ease.



The director has surely struck the right chord in his first film itself. The story and script was neatly penned. The screenplay was ideal and the casting was just perfect and he comes out with this wonderful film. He has taken lots of pains in giving the film the right tone, appearance wise, costume wise and even the Madurai slang was just perfect. Also being the producer of this film, it is clearly visible that the money has been spent on all necessary requirements only. This is a definite change from the usual fan-far, high-tech sets associated with current films where such sets are required or not. The director-producer-actor has surely made his mark in his very first film and surely is here to carry on and come out with more.


MUSIC/SONGS - JAMES VASANTHAN                                    

Again a debutant, a T.V Anchor, turned music director. The music director has done a great job. His song ‘Kangal Irindhal’ is worth mentioning, as it has already become a great hit among the masses. His background scores too are outstanding. He has shown much promise in his first film. So, look out music directors, we have some stiff competition coming up.



The cinematography added enough spice to the tone and the tempo of the movie. Very graceful movements and good steady cam shots when needed added more spice to the film. In this film you can surely tell that the cinematographer is definitely the eyes of the director.



           (1)   The scenes where the protagonist woo’s the heroine is surely worth its glitter. 

(2)   All the petty brawls of the duo every now and then is a delight to watch.

(3)   The killing scenes by the duo were all very naturally filmed.

(4)  The scene where Azhagar (hero like) begs on the feet of a lady for his life, and the scene where he remorse’s having done so, and cries in agony for having the enemy show him the true feeling of what it is like to be, to be chased to death, was surely scintillating.

(5)  The scene where Azhagar is murdered and the helpless, remorseful looks on his face and eyes surely achieves tons of sympathy, where the heroine also scores well


(1)   The brutal killing of the girl's uncle (Samudhirakni), was largely disliked by some audience, especially the female and children segment.

(2)   Too much betrayal to the extent that the final killing by the handicapped friend could be predicted.


I guess the scene where Azhagar is betrayed, wherein there is no dialogue, but Azhagar’s expression speaks volumes of dialogues.


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The film is loaded with suspense throughout and has enough twists and turns to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The director-producer-actor, Sasi Kumar shows much promise and Jai is impressive. Lots of credit also goes to the Cinematographer and the Music Director who have done their part to carve the film further. The movie is definitely a must-watch movie, not only from the stereotypical films of today, but also from the low budget at which such good movies could be made without big star-casts, and is a great relief from all the ‘masala’ films that have come out, so don’t miss it.

Score: 75/100

IDM Team

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