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Naan kadavul



   The film starts with a father’s search in kasi, where he had abandoned his son 14 years back, following the advice of astrologers. The son Rudran (Arya) is now a Aghori Sadhu with no human emotions but with enormous physical strength. Both come to their native village Malaikovil, where a beggar mafia business is run by Thandavan (Rajendran).Physically disabled person’s including the visually challenged Hamsavalli (Pooja) are in his camp. Rudran .(Arya) does not get involved in family life and continues his saadhu life with a strong statement of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (Naan Kadavul). Pooja on one occasion is forced to go with a man when she seeks help from Arya. Arya kills the baddie. The climax really turns out to be something sensational. Action sequences especially during the climax are signature touches of Bala.


ARYA (Rudran)
Arya has lived as ‘Rudran’ in this film. His three years of hard work has finally paid off.

POOJA (Hamsavalli)
Pooja as a blind girl has grabbed the spotlight from Arya.



Naan Kadavul is a typical Bala movie, on the lines of Sethu, Nandha and Pithamagan. His movies always deal with subjects not discussed often. An extraordinary movie with a complex subject that it is, ‘Naan Kadavul’ could have been dealt with only by Bala.


Arthur Wilson’s cinematography is a colossal one. Cinematography adds to the fantastic visual enhancement while in editing, continuity seems to be missing a bit.


Musical Score by Maestro Ilayaraja is over the top and background scoring throughout the show is astonishing


Arya’s introduction song and the visuals. Brilliant music and stunning visuals. Feel like watching the movie the second time even before one completely watches the movie.
Court scene after Arya's arrest is fabulous.
Climax where Pooja pleads with Arya to
perform euthanasia on her.
The sense of humor of the small boy in the beggars group is really catchy.

Best of all the scenes is the scene where Arya posses a gesture portrays indeed his conviction ( and the director's too) that he is really HE. He manifests the power of God in that particular gesture which appears for just a couple of seconds only.

Kudos to Arya, Cameraman Arthur Wilson, and the Director, Bala for such a vivid portrayal.



Scenes where the beggars are tortured by Thandavan.



            Saami vaayila erundhu lingam varum pola??? (“Looks like a Lingam will come out
             your mouth”)
Rudran: Naan adicha un vaayil erundhu retham varum…(“If I hit you, blood will come out
            your mouth”)

Naan Kadavul- Raw and Real, brutal depiction of a world unknown thus far.

A must-watch film.


Diretor,Bala has tried to debate a few serious issues in the movie. The first is obviously about- Who is God? He also talks about life and death and how death is actually a relief some who cannot lead a good life. Even adults need tough mind to endure this movie. Don’t expect a regular entertainer; be prepared to get jolted.

Sure to carry home the impact.

Overall Score: 78/100

IDM Team


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